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S1-3 BROAD GENERAL EDUCATION Our 3 year courses, in Art & Design and Design & Technology, cover essential skills, theory and knowledge to ensure a smooth transition to the National courses in the Senior Phase.  The teachers are passionate about the richness and quality of experience we give our students.  In-depth analysis of the SQA qualifications has led us to create a course that gives our learners what they need to have success as they move through the school.  Many of the skills we teach are transferrable and useful beyond the classroom, desirable to employers and further/higher education.  With the Creative Industries being the second largest area of growth in Scotland, it is essential that we prepare our young people at Garnock to access and shape this growing sector.  Artists, Engineers, Designers and Architects all have a similar outlook- a desire to know more- and that is what we encourage and develop in our faculty.


Miss R Currie

Mrs F Gallagher

Mrs J Halbert-Thomson

Miss K Hay

Mr B MacLean

Ms K Thornton  (Faculty Leader)



Mr S Grier

Mrs K Jardine

Miss R Mashari

Mr I Scholefield

Mrs N Smith

Mr C Somerville (Technician)

These three core skills are at the heart of all the learning that takes place in our faculty.  Supporting our pupils to understand and apply these skills to their learning ensures they will have a deeper understanding of the Expressive Arts, Design and Technologies. 

Our aim is to encourage pupil success by nurturing creativity, achieving quality and embedding expertise.  The diversity of the experiences on offer in our faculty means there is something for everyone and it’s our job to find out what that is for every child.




S4-6 SENIOR PHASE Our faculty strives to offer our pupils courses which are skills based and allow individuals to experience, experiment and express through a wide range of materials, technologies and techniques building on their experiences in S1-3.  We encourage problem solving, innovation and creativity through pupil- led learning. Our teachers create lessons and units of work which vary in length and purpose ensuring a broad range of practical skills are covered to create personal expressive artworks, designs and crafted outcomes which meet the standards set by the SQA.  Our pupils are given every opportunity to succeed and leave Garnock with qualifications and skills that will allow them to progress to the next stage in their lives, whether that is employment, further or higher education.

These are the subjects and levels on offer in our Faculty;

Art & Design- National 3, National 4, National 5, Higher & Advanced Higher

Creative Industries- Level 5

Design & Manufacture- National 4, National 5, Higher & Advanced Higher

Graphic Communication- National 4, National 5, Higher & Advanced Higher

Practical Woodworking- National 4 & National 5

Photography- Higher

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