Home Learning Information





Dear Pupils, Carers and Parents,


I hope you are all well.  I wanted to update you all on the current situation for all of our pupils studying subjects in the Art, Design & Technology Faculty.  The practical nature of all our courses makes it more of a challenge to do remotely.  All your teachers totally understand that you won’t have everything you need at home to work as you would if you were in school. Therefore we will adapt the content to suit the home environment the best we can.


What we plan to do initially, with all our students S1-6, is focus on the theory in preparation for any assessments and continue to develop the essential practical skills needed for our subjects.

What do we require from you? Contact, engagement, showing up and giving things a try.  What do you require from us? Support, encouragement, feedback, guidance and work to develop your skills and knowledge BUT if there is anything else you need from us then please get in touch-that includes any access to IT issues.

If you have materials and work at home you can use, then great-get stuck in!  However your teachers will also be providing content/tasks/challenges/work through your Google Classroom set at times in the week when you are timetabled for that subject.  These will require minimal resources or equipment.  There will be drop in sessions and streamed content available from week 2 to support the Home Learning tasks at all levels.

We are also planning and preparing for our Senior Phase pupils to get material packs home so they can work on their folios in Art & Design, assignments in Design & Manufacture and the assessable practical skills in Graphic Communication.  All work provided for our Senior Phase classes in this round of Home Learning is essential to progress learning and ensure completion of the coursework. 


Although easy for me to write, the most important thing is to stay positive and keep working. As more information becomes available from the SQA we will update you and adapt our Home Learning to ensure everyone has what they need to progress. Please make contact if you require any further information or support with Home Learning.


On behalf of all the staff in the Faculty, yours sincerely,


Katrina Thornton.

Faculty Leader