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Introduction to Drama   

We use a range of team building activities to build relationships within the class; this is underpinned by The Drama Process which supports pupils on their journey to creativity. We explore techniques such as Tableau and improvisation.

The S1 coursework is skills lead; a combination of specific drama skills and a range of transferable skills that pupils will develop and apply across the curriculum.

Practical drama skills are creating, presenting and evaluating and appreciating; the activities within the classroom offer the pupils the opportunity to work collaboratively in developing these skills. Teamwork is essential in pupils achieving their best.


Using a range of starting points, including professional performances, we explore and develop both realistic and stylised mime presentations. Pupils will develop ‘SPECS’ – control in movement to be Slow, Precise, Exaggerated, Clear and Simple.


Using a short script extract we will rehearse and present a short scene taking on the role of the actor. The pupils will learn how to interpret the context, develop appropriate characters, learn lines and sustain their character. Pupils will also develop and extend their literacy skills as part of this unit of work. 

Mixer Keys 3
Theater Marquee Lights
Empty Stage
Mime Artists
Actors Reading Script



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