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Health and Wellbeing Census - May 2021/2022

North Ayrshire Council is committed to improving the Health and Wellbeing of all children and young people and as part of this commitment we aim to do all we can to improve children’s services in North Ayrshire. To help with this, we are asking schools to take part in the Health and Wellbeing Census 2021-22 which asks all children in Primary 5 (P5) to Secondary 6 (S6) about their lives and wellbeing.


Your child will be asked to complete an online questionnaire in class. Answers to many of the questions you may have about this have been included in the frequently asked questions for parents. This also explains what to do if you do not want your child to take part. Your child will be given a leaflet on the survey and will be given the opportunity to have any questions answered by their teacher.


Why are we asking children to take part?

The results will be used to understand the health and wellbeing needs of children. This will help to improve the way children’s services such as education and health and are planned and delivered.


Keeping your child’s information safe

The results will not look at children’s responses individually or enable an individual child to be identified.


The answers provided by your child will be linked to other information already held about your child. For example, information such as your child’s sex, ethnic background, the area they live in. This will only be for statistical and research purposes. We will make sure that your child remains unidentifiable. Please see the frequently asked questions for more information.


Your child will not be asked to provide his/her name. However, s/he will be asked to enter their Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) as this will then help with any statistical analysis. Your child’s name will not be linked to your child’s answers. There will be no direct way s/he can be identified from the responses.


Nobody will be allowed to use the information to look for children who might need help. However, if while looking at the data, our team see anything that concerns them, they may need to do something to help a child. This would be the only time that we would match the identity of a child using a separate database we have access to, that includes children’s names and their Scottish Candidate Number. This will only happen in exceptional circumstances.


Do I have to do anything?

You do not have to do anything if you are:

· happy for your child to take part in the survey and for their answers to be linked to other data for statistical and research purposes and

· aware that your child’s identity will remain confidential unless a concern is identified which your local authority may need to act on to help your child.

If, however, you do not wish your child to take part in this survey, please respond in writing to your school within the next 10 days.


Your child is also able to choose not to take part, even if you say they can.


You can find out more by visiting

· North Ayrshire’s website:

· Scottish Government’s website:

Alternatively you can contact the school for more information.

Leaflet for pupils

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

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