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All pupils will have small, skill building unit on each instrument as a taster course. Most pupils will be starting from the beginning but for those pupils who already have some musical skill, extension material is provided. Each week these activities may include keyboard, guitar, ukulele, drum kit, bass guitar, tuned percussion and singing.  Pupils will then choose 2 instruments to develop skills on after the October holidays.


Pupils are set regular homework with a weekly task for them to complete.  During the session pupils will be required to complete homework sheets and also using an online programme called MusicFirst.



The S1 course is skills based; a combination of specific Music skills and a range of transferable skills that pupils will develop and apply across the curriculum. Pupils have two periods of music each week where they will cover Performing, Listening, Music Literacy, Composing and Music Technology.


Pupils listen to and evaluate a range of music.  Class discussion is encouraged. They will gain experience through a variety of musical styles and terms used to describe Music. Topics such as Instruments of the Orchestra, Film Music and Musicals will be covered throughout the year in S1.

Composing & Music Technology  

Pupils will develop compositions in various styles. Compositions may be completed on computer. Music Technology will be explored through a variety of tasks and online programmes as well as using the facilities in the department.


Pupils will develop their ability to read music through a variety of lessons, games, IT and homework.

Extra Curricular   

The Music and Drama department fosters a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as Pipe Band, Senior Choir, A Capella Group, Junior Choir, Flute Group, Clarinet Group, Guitar Club, Senior Concert Band and String Ensembles.  We also produce concerts at Christmas and Easter and play in a variety of events in the community throughout the year.  We have an annual Young Musician and Young Singer of the Year Competition and are hoping to have a School Show this session. Musical excursions are provided for pupils to increase their awareness of live music and a theatre trip to London in June is always the best way to round off the year.

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