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Music & Drama Department

The inspiration and power of the arts play a vital role in enabling our children and young people to enhance their creative talent and develop their artistic skills.

Music Department

Mrs Caroline Shedden – PT Music and Drama

Miss Ashley Lawson 

Mr Grant Walsh 

Drama Department 

Mrs Janice White 

Mrs Heather Findlay 

Music Instructors

Mrs Fiona Ramsay - Woodwind

Mrs Aileen Muir - Brass

Ms Anne Gunn - Piano

Mrs David Wilde - Drumkit

Mr Ryan McBride - Percussion

Mr Ronan Watson – RCS Strings

Miss Caitlin Macdonald – Bagpipes

Mr Thomas Barnes – Pipe Band Snare Drum

Colored Theatre Lights
Book of Chords
Disassembled Clarinet
Lone Microphone
Drama Performance
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