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National Numeracy Day​ Activities

Welcome to our fabulous page celebrating National Numeracy day 2020.   Here you will find some fantastic examples of where Numeracy and Mathematics are used in everyday life and other subject areas in the school.    There are also some fantastic fun activities where you can win prizes.

Have a go, enjoy the challenge and most importantly have fun.


Click on one of the buttons below for our Garnock Community Campus 24 hour Kahoot challenge​.

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Click on the button below for more instructions to our Numeracy Speed Test and our Logic Quiz. Leaderboards will be published later in the week and prizes to follow.

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Complete the first numeracy question and use the answer as the password to the next question. If you have the required skill, logical thinking and positive attitude, click the button below to be locked in and await further instructions.

More opportunities to develop your Numeracy skills.


All S1, 2 and 3 pupils have been signed up to Sumdog. It provides lots of great games where answering Numeracy questions correctly allows you to make progress.Anyone not signed up can play as a guest. Thoroughly recommend JUNK PILE!!!!


This website provides videos and quizzes on Maths/Numeracy with learning pages which can be used to improve your skills.


Numeracy is used extensively in real life and in many subject areas in school. We are highlighting Art today, a big thank you to the Art department who have involved some Maths/Numeracy in their tasks this week. The Mathematical Art Of M.C. Escher was inspired by the geometric tiling he saw during a visit to Spain. He was not a mathematician but was fascinated by the symmetrical shapes and patterns in the tiling. This lead him to experiment and draw tessellating shapes, figures and images that he further developed with the aid of mathematicians in his later work. Find out more about Escher by watching this video clip    and it may help you with your Art task this week. 

The Golden Ratio is another mysterious and magical principle which appears in nature, architecture, art and mathematics.  Below is a link to a virtual museum dedicated to collecting and preserving individual expressions in art of the many aspects of the Golden Ratio.

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