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Winter Weather Arrangements

Due to the winter weather being unpredictable it is sometimes necessary for schools to send pupils home earlier than usual at very short notice. 


To ensure this can happen safely we ask that all parents/carers have emergency arrangements in place for your child to go, which have been shared with your child and are abundantly clear to them.


As previously advised in our recent Data update, if you have requested that your child remain in school, please stress to them that they should report to the Auditorium and must not on any account leave the school without notifying a member of the senior management to allow us to ensure that they are safely collected.  It is very important that your child is aware of these arrangements and should remain safely in school until collected.


Please also be aware that in the event of the school requiring to close arrangements will be made for all contracted school transport buses/taxis to facilitate this.  However, please be aware that the school cannot be responsible for any privately arranged transport who should be contacted directly by the organiser to collect pupils as required.


Please also ensure you make us aware of any changes to your mobile number as you would be contacted by text message in the event of any closure.  

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