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Parent Evening dates for 2022/2023

Secondary School
Parents Evening Information

Last update - 07/12/22

Pupil reports and parents' consultation evenings help to make sure you are kept up-to-date on your child's progress.

Parents' evenings are a chance to discuss how your children are doing in class and in school generally with their teachers. They can help decide how best to work together to support your children's achievement.

Your child's latest report should help you to spot issues you want to discuss. It will tell you about your child's progress and levels of achievement, together with details of their attendance, behaviour and effort.

This isn't the only way to be kept informed. Remember that talking to your children about school can benefit them. If there is anything you want to discuss with your child's teacher, most will be happy to arrange a time to do so.

Making an appointment at a Parent Evening

To book an appointment with your child's teacher for their next Parent Evening then following the instructions below.

Access the website

Once you have found the website, type Garnock into the School Name Box to select the campus

Login by entering the required information:

  • Your first name and surname

  • Your email address to receive information

  • Your child's first name, surname and date of birth

The login details you enter must match those we have on our record for you

The booking system will be available for a limited time (usually for the week before the date, but see your parent letter or contact the school for the specific times). The booking period will close 1 day before the evening to allow staff to prepare.

When you login, under the Parent-Teacher Meetings area, you will have the option to choose either

  • Suggest Booking For Me

  • Make My Own Bookings

Each appointment will last 5 minutes, After you have made your appointments you can choose to print or email a confirmation

If you have a specific question for a teacher, you can submit this in advance of the meeting by entering this in the comments box when you book your appointment


If you experience any challenges:

If you cannot login, please contact the campus office on  01505 682685 who will be happy to assist.

The email address field entered is only used to send your appointment  confirmation. If you have problems logging in, it will not be because of the email address you entered.

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