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Mathematics and Numeracy Department

Mathematics and Numeracy Department

Open from 3rd June

Welcome to the website for the Garnock Community Campus Mathematics & Numeracy Department.


Staff members

  • Mrs D. Cook  - Faculty Head

  • Mr J. Clark

  • Miss J Goldie

  • Mr A. MacDonald

  • Mrs F. Payne

  • Mrs C. Pettigrew

  • Miss E. Steven

  • Mr J. Merrick

  • Mrs S. Smith

  • Ms Peters

  • Mr Dowdall


In the Mathematics Department we aim to help pupils:

  • appreciate the importance of mathematics and understand its nature

  • acquire skills in mathematical thinking together with a supporting network of concepts, facts and techniques.

  • develop confidence in working mathematically, and

  • enjoy the intellectual challenges and aesthetic satisfaction of mathematics.


During the first three years of secondary education pupils continue to follow the Curriculum for Excellence programme begun in Primary School. In S1 they follow a scheme which provides for each pupil work appropriate to individual needs, interests and abilities. This includes formal class lessons to provide reinforcement of important facts and concepts, as well as practice in the necessary mathematical techniques. There is regular practice of mental mathematics.

Mathematics is at heart a problem solving activity, and doing mathematics means using these facts and skills in an intelligent way to solve problems of a kind not necessarily encountered before. Problem solving is therefore given explicit attention, and pupils are introduced to a variety of problems in a range of contexts.


National courses are offered at the following levels:

  • National 3 Lifeskills

  • National 3

  • National 4

  • National 5

  • Higher

  • Advanced Higher

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