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Rural Skills
National 4 Award

There are three mandatory units: 

J161 74 Estate Maintenance: An Introduction 6 SCQF credit points 

J162 74 Land-based Industries: An Introduction 6 SCQF credit points

J163 74 Employability Skills for Land-based Industries 3 SCQF credit points

Two additional units:

J166 74 Crop Production: An Introduction 6 SCQF credit points 

J167 74 Soft Landscaping: An Introduction 3 SCQF credit points

Successful learners may progress to: 

  • NPA Rural Skills SCQF level 5 ( option choice for S4)

  • SVQs/ NVQs in Appropriate Land-based sector vocational areas

  • Programmes in Further Education Colleges

  • vocational training

  • employment

During the course, pupils will learn skills:

The five Core Skills are: 


Numeracy 

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) 

Problem-Solving 

Working with Others




The skills and attitudes for employability, including self-employment, are outlined below:  generic skills/attitudes valued by employers  understanding of the workplace and the employee's responsibilities, for example, timekeeping, appearance, customer care, etc  self-evaluation skills  positive attitude to learning  flexible approaches to solving problems  adaptability and positive attitude to change  confidence to set goals, reflect and learn from experience  specific vocational skills/knowledge

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